Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tiny Titans

It's convention season again. One sure sign is all the exclusive announcements being doled out by DC and Marvel. San Diego, the biggest every year, was only two weekends ago, but new announcements were made at Wizard World Chicago! One of the bits of news that filtered out over the weekend was that DC was going to bring back comics for younger readers, which is great! I collect The Batman and The Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century for my nephew Cody, but they're a little beyond him at the moment. It won't take long before he'll be able to read them, but there's nothing I can give him right now.

DC Super Friends would be a book made especially for the younger reader, not based on cartoon versions of the characters. Here's a sample...
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...kind of cute, aren't they? Of course to go along with this new Super Friends idea comes action figures, which would include Aquaman and his shark shaped AquaSub.
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The Teen Titans are morphing into the Tiny Titans and going to be starring in their own book. Just for kicks, I took a scan from this weekend's presentation and turned it into a wallpaper.

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And I hope this does well for DC! It would be nice for the Comic industry to gain readers rather than losing them.
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