Monday, October 22, 2007

The Team-Up You'll Never See!

Bart Allen (The Flash) and the Legion of Super-Heroes!

Not that you can see any Legionnaires... Actually, Invisible Kid is near Flash's boot, Shrinking Violet went subatomic, while the rest of the team is relaxing in their HQ as Flash enters the time stream for the trip back to the 21st century!

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For those who wonder where this idea came from... I always thought that the Flash (Barry Allen, who can travel in time via his cosmic treadmill) didn't ever pop in to say hey! to the Legion more often? I mean, his kids, Dawn and Don Allen, were practically Legion reservists. So, once I found the right graphic, I was off and running! (no pun intended!)

Never mind that Bart Allen was created just before Zero Hour and that this era of the Legion came and went 25 years ago, and you can see why this team-up would never happen! Granted, as I mentioned in an earlier post, there are Legion plans afoot for next year. We've already heard the title 'Legion of Three Worlds' in a recent Justice League and it looks like upcoming Action and Superman stories are going to focus on the Legion's meaning in the Superman stories.

Once upon a time, as a teen, Clark Kent met up with some fantastic youths who claimed to be from the future. They invited Superboy to become a member of their super-hero club and so began the adventures of Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes! Until 1985.

There was a crisis. A Crisis on Multiple Earths. The timescape of the DC Universe was being altered on a massive scale and in the reimagining that John Byrne was giving Superman, it was decided he never met the Legion of Super-Heroes. Clark Kent's powers didn't manifest themselves until much later, making a Teen of Steel who time-traveled to the future for Legion meetings impossible.

And ever since then Legion continuity has become a square wedge in a round hole.

But with the new cartoon favoring Clark as a teen in the Legion, and the comics moving that way again, it might all be better soon...

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