Sunday, February 06, 2011


By Curt Swan! Strangely enough, this is also the first Aquaman from either the Special or the mini-series afterward that I've used for a wallpaper. I love Curt Swan, but wasn't overly impressed with his work. He was the great Curt Swan Superman and Legion of Super-Heroes fame, of course, but I never thought his style fit Aquaman very well.

The issue this art is from brings back memories because after reading it, I sent a letter to then-Editor, Mark Waid. A couple of months later, a return letter from Waid on official DC stationary was in my mailbox! I was asking him about the changes to Aquaman's origin that were in the Special, one being how Aquaman's choice of costume was because it was an Atlantean prison uniform. The mini-series that followed had Mera go insane, Aquaman accidentally kills her, and at the funeral she gets out of her coffin and vanishes back to her home dimension. These are just a few reasons why the Special and Mini aren't among my favorite Aqua-stories.

Still though, the cover is a great Curt Swan piece of work, and adding a bit of Mera and Arthur Jr. from Jim Aparo makes it even better! An unexpected pleasure!

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