Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aqua-Cave and Aqua-Pets

Because absolutely nobody demanded it!!

Storm, Sea Imp (or Imp for short), and Tusky, along with Mera's ride (who was never named) from the animated Aquaman by Filmation waiting a quick swim away from the entrance of the Aqua-Cave (art by Ivan Reis), ready to take their riders wherever they may need to go. I always loved how the cartoon seahorses' manes reflected their riders... Storm, for Aquaman, has a clean-cut mane, and Imp has the messy mane you would expect from a teenage boy like Aqualad, while Mera's mount has a classic up-do that most women would favor. Storm, Imp, and Tusky also appeared in the Aquaman comic. Mera rode a seahorse mount in the comics also, but it wasn't named, just like its animated counterpart. Tusky's most recent appearance was in the pages of the fifth Aquaman series Annual 03.

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