Sunday, October 16, 2011

Krypto Confirmation

According to this panel at the NYCC Comic-Con, Krypto's fate has been sealed.

Harras then brought out the Superman family book editor Matt Idelson. Showing the cover for "Action Comics" #5 with art by Andy Kubert, the cover depicted Kal-El's rocket hurtling to Earth. Comic book artist Gene Ha also did part of the interior art for #3 and Idelson displayed those pages, saying that Ha is in charge of all the sequences on Krypton in the issue. "Not only is that your first look at Jor-El but Krypto, which looks very different then you're used to," said Idelson, bringing up an image of Jor-El and Krypto on the screen.

In pre-New 52 continuity, Krypto was Jor-El's (Superman's father) first test subject for his rocket design. The rocket was meant to bring Krypto back to Krypton, but it was knocked out of orbit and set on a trajectory toward Earth. The rocket arrived on Earth much later than Kal-El (Superman) did and so Kal was in his teens when he was reunited with his childhood pet. The image described in the report hasn't been leaked yet, but the current Action Comics gives us a clue:

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To me, it looks like Krypto is a small moose-like creature with six legs and a central horn. He's definitely not an earth dog, that's for sure. I'll miss the pre-New 52 Krypto... I've always loved the idea of a super powered dog. And where would the Legion of Super-Pets be without Krypto?? Some cool stories featuring Krypto include Action Comics 591, DC Comics Presents 14 (with art by Dick Dillin!), and Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? Those stories and many more are waiting for me in the depths of my comic collection. Here's a couple of wallpapers featuring the old Krypto! Art by Carlos Pacheco!

Art by Curt Swan!

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