Monday, June 04, 2012


Hearkening back to my post featuring the AquaFamily's pets, here's another Aquaman-related wallpaper that's going to appeal to the die-hards! This time featuring Aquaman's alternate Base of Operations! It first appeared in Adventure Comics 445, drawn by Jim Aparo. Aquaman built it as a way to escape the pressures that come with being King of Atlantis, but found himself and the family living in it full time when the citizens of Atlantis staged a revolt and deposed Aquaman as King. With all of Atlantis looking to find Aquaman and the royal family, Aquaman brought Mera and Arthur Jr. here because no one else knew about it. The stick holding the clamshell entrance open is a plot point. It appeared in Brightest Day 16, but hasn't been seen in the New 52.

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