Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ocean Master and Aquaman

All art by the exceedingly talented Ivan Reis!Ocean Master is Aquaman's number two villain in my book! Pre-new 52 he was Aquaman's half brother (the wizard Atlan sired them both). Pre-Crisis, Orm Curry Marius was the half-brother of Aquaman through Tom Curry, who remarried after Atlanna (Aquaman's mom) died.

I kind of cheated by flipping the image, but I wanted to see all of Ocean Master's redesigned costume! I love the silver accents (versus Aquaman's gold) and the purple scale armour. I also really like the helmet redesign and new trident! I think it was good to get rid of the manta symbol he used to sport, and like that he also uses the Aqua-symbol on his belt! Aquatic people with capes shouldn't really work, but I've never minded Orm's cloak.

A close up of the resdesigned costume!
Ocean Master and Aquaman striking similar poses!
I tweaked Orm's existing logo to create this one!
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