Monday, September 29, 2008

DC Direct Aquaman

Well, just when you don't think it's possible, news from DC Direct that the next wave of action figures in the Superman/Batman line will feature the Arthur Joseph Curry Aquaman from Superman/Batman 45!I'm not a huge fan of this version of Aquaman, but I am a big fan of Shane Davis' artwork, so how can I pass up an Aquaman action figure based on his work? Well, I can't actually, so I better find some room on the shelf for it...Yeah, looks nice to me... Now they need to release a Captain Comet action figure based on Mr. Davis' redesign! Yeah, that would be sweet!

Baltimore Aqua-News!

The Baltimore Comic Con was this past weekend, and it seems a convention can't go by without the mention of my favorite hero. Courtesy of Newsarama:
Q: When will we see Aquaman?

A: Johns: “He’s a Black Lantern.”

DiDio added that he’s writing an eight page Aquaman story in the coming DC Holiday Special with art by Ian Churchill.
An appearance here and another there... It's better than not appearing at all, I suppose.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ask the Answer Man!

Ask the Answer Man was a DC Comics column designed to answer fan questions. The column proved so popular that the Answer Man was at times a year behind. I'm not sure when I sent my question in, but I was thrilled to see it show up in World's Finest 271, which also sports a very cool George Perez cover! It was also a anniversary issue, being the 200th anniversary of the Superman-Batman Team, so to have my name appear in the issue is even a bit more special!

And here's the column my question appeared in!

I still get a kick out of seeing my name in print! The first time I saw it would have been June of 1981. I was 13 at the time.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Who's Who

I've had this art hanging around for a while now, so I finally decided to turn it into something! Not bad for spur-of-the-moment!!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Courtesy of CBR, where an interview with the writer of the Limited Series 'Vixen: Return of the Lion':
Wilson said while writing a 'Vixen" ongoing series would be an interesting prospect, she would rather sink her teeth into a fish of another water. "I would love to write Aquaman. It seems like everyone's got a crazy pet idea for an Aquaman story, and I'm no exception," said Wilson. "I know, lame Vixen reference."
Aquaman seems to be getting a lot of love from creators lately... Hopefully one of them can turn that into a series...

DC, I'm waiting.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New Poll!

The new poll is Star Trek themed one and I want to know which First Officer is your favorite! The poll is located in the sidebar at the left.

Thanks for taking the time to vote!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Poll Results!

The last poll asked which super team was your favorite and garnering 58% of the vote was the Legion of Super-Heroes! I have to say, they would be my first choice as well. I had no idea the Legion was that popular! I think one of the reasons behind the popularity of the Legion is that. because of the sheer number of characters, there's always someone to appeal to a potential reader. I always was a little partial to Element Lad myself...

Coming next with 28% of the vote was the Justice League of America! Also another favorite of mine... and a favorite of others also! There's a reason they're the premiere team in the DC Universe! When you have the greatest heroes of the modern world working together, great stories are an everyday occurance! And did I mention one of the team's founders was Aquaman??

And next was the Teen Titans with the remaining 14%! I always followed the Teen Titans because of Aqualad... It was also where I think he got to shine, away from Aquaman and out of his mentor's book. Until he left around issue 28, that is.
The Doom Patrol, Justice Society, and Outsiders failed to get any votes.

I never caught the appeal of the Doom Patrol, even though I liked Changeling (now Beast Boy) in the Teen Titans, none of their appearances ever made me want to read more about them.
The precursor the the Justice League was the Justice Society. Until the mid-nineties, I would have said there was nothing at all appealing about this team. It was a mini-series by Len Straszewski and Mike Parobeck that changed my mind and now I can't think of the DC Universe without there being a place for the Justice Society!
The Outsiders first teamed with Batman in the mid-eighties, while he was taking a sabbatical from the JLA. There have been several incarnations of the team and Batman is back to leading them again.
Thanks for participating and look for a Star Trek themed poll next!

Aquaman Origin

Another quick wallpaper using art I've had kicking around for a while...

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