Friday, August 31, 2012

Black Manta

Art by the very talented Ivan Reis!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Aquaman and the Others

All art by the always excellent Ivan Reis!

Vostok made the ultimate sacrifice... I'm gonna miss that big Russian.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Justice League, Aquaman

Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Flash by Jim Lee!

Aquaman diving shirtless (again) by Ivan Reis!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Art by Kenneth Rocafort!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Operative and Justice League of America

The Justice League of America!

The Operative, art by Ivan Reis!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Star Trek Voyager

Art by Drew Struzan!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Star Trek

Art by Tim Bradstreet!



Art by Jae Lee!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Troubling Aquaman News...

According to this article at Bleeding Cool, Aquaman is in a pretty big sea change...
...that Ivan Reis will move to draw Justice League Of America, replacing Jim Lee on the comic, and keeping the Geoff Johns Aquaman team still together, but on his one of his other comics.
But it seems that, deprived of Ivan Reis on Aquaman, Geoff Johns will also be leaving that series.
Between them they have done what many saw impossible, totally and utterly revived the reputation of Aquaman in the DC Universe, away from being a joke, to a character who is taken very seriously indeed.
Noooooooo! I knew in the bottom of my heart that Ivan was going to get Justice League. I just knew it. He's an amazing artist and deserves it. But now Geoff Johns isn't going to write Aquaman either?? Not Ivan and Geoff!! That's almost too much to bear... Ivan still gets to draw Aquaman as part of the League, but it's not the same as a whole book by Ivan featuring Aquaman. Seriously bad news.

I remember wishing when Brightest Day was going on that Geoff and Ivan would get an Aquaman regular series. I had kinda hoped for 50 issues of Geoff and Ivan's great work, but it looks like all we'll get now is 17. So sad. And what about the reintroduction of Jackson Hyde, who's better known as Aqualad?

And no word on the replacements yet.

I don't envy whoever gets the task of following Geoff and Ivan on Aquaman... It's a very hard act to follow.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aquaman Rumors

This article was found online at Bleeding Cool today:
A couple of months ago, Bleeding Cool received the news that Jim Lee would be leaving Justice League and DC were looking for a replacement both inside and outside the company. We now understand they have settled on Ivan Reis. It makes sense, he has a great relationship with writer Geoff Johns, Reis’ work can be compared to Jim Lee, and it all keeps things happy families.
I sincerely hope this is one rumor that turns out to be false. I don't know who else can do justice to Aquaman. I mean, I understand, Ivan is my favorite artist, and I know he can't stay on Aquaman forever. It does make sense he'd get a shot at Justice League (which he would be totally awesome on!), but I don't want Aquaman to degrade in artistic quality. Every month he turns in page after page of incredible layouts, great storytelling abilities, and dynamic characters!

Please be false, please be false, please be false, please be false...

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Diving shirtless by Ivan Reis!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Art again by the stupendouly talented Ivan Reis! This is from issue 3 and I thought it would be cool to put myself into the wallpaper because, well, it's the truth!

Earth 2 Green Lantern

Since Alan gets his powers from the Earth, I thought a breathtaking natural scene would be an excellent background for him! Art by Nicola Scott!


Ocean Master and Aquaman

All art by the exceedingly talented Ivan Reis!Ocean Master is Aquaman's number two villain in my book! Pre-new 52 he was Aquaman's half brother (the wizard Atlan sired them both). Pre-Crisis, Orm Curry Marius was the half-brother of Aquaman through Tom Curry, who remarried after Atlanna (Aquaman's mom) died.

I kind of cheated by flipping the image, but I wanted to see all of Ocean Master's redesigned costume! I love the silver accents (versus Aquaman's gold) and the purple scale armour. I also really like the helmet redesign and new trident! I think it was good to get rid of the manta symbol he used to sport, and like that he also uses the Aqua-symbol on his belt! Aquatic people with capes shouldn't really work, but I've never minded Orm's cloak.

A close up of the resdesigned costume!
Ocean Master and Aquaman striking similar poses!
I tweaked Orm's existing logo to create this one!

Monday, August 06, 2012

My Voyager Crush

UPDATE: It appears Ensign Mulcahey was portrayed by Todd Babcock! It appears Voyager was one of his early roles, according to this IMDb page!

It all started innocently enough... I was watching an episode of Star Trek Voyager when a Transporter Operator caught my eye. Voyager was very good at reusing background extras in their proper roles. In the first season Engineering officer Hogan got a lot of screen time as well as the traitorous Bajoran-turned-Cardassian Seska, in addition to a few others. As soon as the Transporter Operator spoke, I knew he wasn't going to be one of the background extras... He'd probably have a little bit to do, since he actually had lines!

"I've got a partial lock on them, but unless the shuttle clears the nebula..." Ensign Mulcahey says, readying his hands for the move to the familiar three slider control that has been a hallmark of every Star Trek Federation Transporter Console.

"It won't, they've lost propulsion." says Commander Chakotay.

"Then it's going to be a rough transport." sighs Ensign Mulcahey. You can only see him from the side here, but he looks very cute!

"Energize." Commander Chakotay orders.

A very cool shot from the transporter platform showing Voyager's transporter effect, Mulcahey hard at work, and Chakotay looking worried. Mulcahey is very small at this distance.

Another shot of the sparkly bits still sparkling, indicating a problem with the reintegration sequence.

"I'm having trouble separating their patterns." says Mulcahey.

Chakotay orders Mulcahey to reset the pattern buffers. We get a much better shot and yes, you can clearly see this is one Ensign you do not want wearing red. And great, he's in gold! Except gold is Security, Operations, and Engineering in the 24th century. Uh-oh... I'm getting a bad feeling about this.

Mulcahey resets the pattern buffers, which to me, would indicate they've reset the patterns of the people they were transporting, but I guess Chakotay means something else. Perhaps he shouldn't be telling an Engineer how to deal with Transporter problems... Command is Chakotay's thing, not Engineering. I'm just sayin'... Ensign Mulcahey knew what to do, even if the CO was wrong.

"Their signals are clearing." More full frontal! A very handsome man indeed!

Commander Chakotay still looks worried.

Mulcahey and Torres work as the Doctor experiences a problem with his mobile emitter. Chakotay looks annoyed and worried, and a little bit like my Grandpa.

After transferring the Doctor's program back to Sickbay, B'Elanna and Ensign McCutie... Mulcahey take the mobile emitter to the Science Lab and start a diagnostic.

She tells Mulcahey to come and check on it first thing in the morning.

Mulcahey replies a bit sarcastically, "I'll be here bright and early."
First thing in the morning, Ensign Mulcahey goes to the Science Lab, where the lights have gone green. Arming himself with a Tricorder, he approaches the source of the green light and we get our best look yet at this handsome fellow! Ensign Mulcahey, I'm sounding a Red Alert! You need to report to my quarters immediately!

As Mulcahey gets closer, Borg tublues spring from the console and puncture him in the neck, like some kind of 24th century vampire. The next time we see Mulcahey is when he's unconscious on the floor of the Science Lab. And that's the end of him. I'm sure he made a full recovery as the Borg extraction tubules were sampling his DNA, rather than trying to assimilate him. Regardless, he was never seen at the Transporter controls again. Darn.

As for the rest of the episode, an advanced 29th Century Borg baby composed of Seven of Nine's Nanoprobes, the Doctor's Mobile Emitter, and Ensign Mulcahey's DNA, is developing in a home-made Borg maturation chamber. The Super Borg baby quickly develops and forges a friendship with the crew of Voyager.

Then a 24th Century Borg ship drops in to say hello and Commander Chakotay looks worried, again.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Old School Aquaman Family

Art by the amazing Jim Aparo!


Aquadog Redux

My anal retentiveness wouldn't let this one go... I felt determined that Aquadog should have a logo, so I came up with one for him! It's based on the current Aquaman logo.