Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aquaman Rumors

This article was found online at Bleeding Cool today:
A couple of months ago, Bleeding Cool received the news that Jim Lee would be leaving Justice League and DC were looking for a replacement both inside and outside the company. We now understand they have settled on Ivan Reis. It makes sense, he has a great relationship with writer Geoff Johns, Reis’ work can be compared to Jim Lee, and it all keeps things happy families.
I sincerely hope this is one rumor that turns out to be false. I don't know who else can do justice to Aquaman. I mean, I understand, Ivan is my favorite artist, and I know he can't stay on Aquaman forever. It does make sense he'd get a shot at Justice League (which he would be totally awesome on!), but I don't want Aquaman to degrade in artistic quality. Every month he turns in page after page of incredible layouts, great storytelling abilities, and dynamic characters!

Please be false, please be false, please be false, please be false...
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