Monday, August 20, 2012

Troubling Aquaman News...

According to this article at Bleeding Cool, Aquaman is in a pretty big sea change...
...that Ivan Reis will move to draw Justice League Of America, replacing Jim Lee on the comic, and keeping the Geoff Johns Aquaman team still together, but on his one of his other comics.
But it seems that, deprived of Ivan Reis on Aquaman, Geoff Johns will also be leaving that series.
Between them they have done what many saw impossible, totally and utterly revived the reputation of Aquaman in the DC Universe, away from being a joke, to a character who is taken very seriously indeed.
Noooooooo! I knew in the bottom of my heart that Ivan was going to get Justice League. I just knew it. He's an amazing artist and deserves it. But now Geoff Johns isn't going to write Aquaman either?? Not Ivan and Geoff!! That's almost too much to bear... Ivan still gets to draw Aquaman as part of the League, but it's not the same as a whole book by Ivan featuring Aquaman. Seriously bad news.

I remember wishing when Brightest Day was going on that Geoff and Ivan would get an Aquaman regular series. I had kinda hoped for 50 issues of Geoff and Ivan's great work, but it looks like all we'll get now is 17. So sad. And what about the reintroduction of Jackson Hyde, who's better known as Aqualad?

And no word on the replacements yet.

I don't envy whoever gets the task of following Geoff and Ivan on Aquaman... It's a very hard act to follow.

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