Thursday, March 27, 2008

Star Trek Movie Pics

Gleaned from another site (which has since been asked by Paramount to remove the images) the first on-set pictures from the Star Trek movie!

First up, a look at part of (what might be) the new uniform...

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Ok, had time to soak it in? I'm thinking this might be a starbase or academy uniform, as I've heard the familiar Mustard, Red, and Blue will be seen on board. Rather than sewn-on insignia, it looks like they'll have pins. And I say pins because I don't think they'll make them comm badges... that just seems too futuristic when compared with the Original Series and their communicators. That said, the shape of the Enterprise delta (or arrowhead) mimics what we've seen in the posters and teaser. It's different than the original, more rounded on the bottom than the original series. As I mentioned to a friend earlier, I appreciate the fact they had to modify the Enterprise insignia somewhat, but I prefer the original (see left).

Next up, the exterior of (what may be) a shuttlecraft...

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What's kind of cool about this is that we can see what looks like engine nacelles at the top of the craft. Knowing that the original series design for shuttlecraft engines was closely tied to the design of the ship's warp engines, this may be a first look at what the Enterprise's warp nacelles might look like... I know the engines in the picture aren't massive like the Enterprise's warp engines, but I can picture them having the same flair at the ends of the nacelles. And if this is a hint of things to come, I'm ok with it! Well, cautiously optimistic, at least.

Then there's this...

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It looks like the interior of this craft can hold more than six people, making me wonder if it is really a shuttlecraft, or another type of vessel. Note the harnesses/seatbelts.

And finally a look at the control panel of the aforementioned vehicle (which is the coolest)

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I think J.J. Abrams is definitely going for the realistic look as this control panel looks like it's had a number of drinks spilled on it! That said, I like the font they're using for the numbers in the display, and imagine the letters will look as good. Also notice the dials and toggle switches... totally in keeping with the Original Series. I would hope the Enterprise is a bit cleaner, though. I can see a starbase shuttle being a bit run-down, but Scotty wouldn't let that happen to the Big E.

Still, I like what I see so far.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Aqua Action Figure!

The only addition made lately to the Aqua collection. This just released figure from the Armory series by DC Direct. Aquaman is in the gold armor holding a trident. This look appeared only in the Justice League: Our Worlds At War Special.

A truly terrible special that had the dubious honor of killing Aquaman off in a battle with an Imperiex probe. This makes a total of two Armored Aquaman action figures; the other one coming from the Alex Ross Justice series. There was a time when I would have been happy to have found Aquaman included in any series, but to now have two armored figures? That's pretty cool! I bet you can't find two armored Flashes or Green Lanterns, can you?

And Aquaman has two figures coming out in series 2 of the DC Universe line; a regular and a variant, as well as Black Manta, so there's another 3 figures I'll need to keep my eyes open for...

Who would have thought Aquaman would be so popular??

Sunday, March 16, 2008


From the Wizard World Convention in Los Angeles, courtesy of Newsarama:

Will we see the original Aquaman again? DiDio: "Aquaman. This year." DiDio said they want to make sure that the next time readers see Aquaman, it'll be the "best" version of the character.

Yeah, I know I've said it before, but as long as we're talking about Arthur Curry/Orin version of Aquaman, we'll be fine.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Justice League of America

Here's the current incarnation of the Justice league as rendered by Ed Benes. I like how the previous incarnations of the JL of A are also shown.

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Sunday, March 02, 2008


Here's a piece of art I've been wanting to turn into a wallpaper for quite a while. It's by Alan Davis, who did covers from number 15 to 20 of the last Aquaman series. I really liked the updated costume and I didn't mind the water hand. What I liked most was that his belt symbol really became an insignia for Aquaman. Just like Superman has his "S", Batman has his bat, and the Flash has a lightning bolt, that stylized "A" would come to symbolize Aquaman. I really liked that it was part of the logo at the time.

As I said, this wallpaper isn't quite what I envisioned, but it's not the worst I've ever made either.

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All New Atom

I've always liked the Atom and his current book is a blast to read!

I imagine Ryan is making a trip to the microverse! And how do you spell microverse anyway? Should it be with a hyphen? Multiverse was used in the same way and it wasn't hyphenated, so I'm using that as a rule.

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Poll Results

For a while it looked like Captain Kirk was going to garner a win as the favorite Captain, Jean-Luc Picard comes from behind for a win with 50% of the vote! Captain Kirk was second with 30% of the vote, while Captains Sisko and Janeway each got 10%. Captain Archer didn't even place.

I thought the original, Captain Kirk, would have taken the lead from Captain Picard, but the rest of the captains placed in the order I thought they would. Captain Picard and Captain Kirk each have the virtue of being the first Captains of their respective generations, while the other Captains are often looked upon as being watered-down versions of either. Personally, I don't feel that way, and even though I voted for one Captain myself, I see virtues in each of them that make them worthy Captains.

Thanks for voting and check out the new poll inspired by the release of Justice League: The New Frontier animated movie!