Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Aqua Action Figure!

The only addition made lately to the Aqua collection. This just released figure from the Armory series by DC Direct. Aquaman is in the gold armor holding a trident. This look appeared only in the Justice League: Our Worlds At War Special.

A truly terrible special that had the dubious honor of killing Aquaman off in a battle with an Imperiex probe. This makes a total of two Armored Aquaman action figures; the other one coming from the Alex Ross Justice series. There was a time when I would have been happy to have found Aquaman included in any series, but to now have two armored figures? That's pretty cool! I bet you can't find two armored Flashes or Green Lanterns, can you?

And Aquaman has two figures coming out in series 2 of the DC Universe line; a regular and a variant, as well as Black Manta, so there's another 3 figures I'll need to keep my eyes open for...

Who would have thought Aquaman would be so popular??
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