Saturday, March 01, 2008

Poll Results

For a while it looked like Captain Kirk was going to garner a win as the favorite Captain, Jean-Luc Picard comes from behind for a win with 50% of the vote! Captain Kirk was second with 30% of the vote, while Captains Sisko and Janeway each got 10%. Captain Archer didn't even place.

I thought the original, Captain Kirk, would have taken the lead from Captain Picard, but the rest of the captains placed in the order I thought they would. Captain Picard and Captain Kirk each have the virtue of being the first Captains of their respective generations, while the other Captains are often looked upon as being watered-down versions of either. Personally, I don't feel that way, and even though I voted for one Captain myself, I see virtues in each of them that make them worthy Captains.

Thanks for voting and check out the new poll inspired by the release of Justice League: The New Frontier animated movie!
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