Sunday, February 24, 2008

WonderCon Aqua News

Courtesy of Newsarama:

Asked about Aquaman, DiDio asked the fan back who is Aquaman now, to which the fan answered, "I'm not sure right now."

DiDio took a poll of the audience to see which Aquaman was the crowd's favorite, which showed the audience to be split among the different versions. DiDio said that it's something they're trying to figure out - which Aquaman should be the Aquaman to bring back.

DiDio said that while the Jim Aparo version is most recognizable, the "harpoon hand" version is also well recognized in the media. All in all, DiDio said, they're taking their time to bring Aquaman back.

Well, he also said an Aquaman book would be out in 2008, so I hope Dan Didio figures out that Arthur Curry/Orin is who he should bring back. Harpoon hand, water hand, or two webbed hands -- I don't care as long as it's the version of Aquaman that was a founding member of the Justice League, married to Mera, had a child named Arthur Jr., and had a sidekick, Garth, called Aqualad.

And then this little tidbit regarding the aforementioned Atlantean sidekick:

Winick's answer to bringing back Tempest/Aqualad - yes, but not right away was his answer. "It's Titans, so of course."

Too bad. It looks like Garth will appear in the series, but not right away. I can't even remember what state he was left in when Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis was canceled. I seem to remember he couldn't breathe water and his hair had been turned white. I swear, that whole series should be ret-conned out of existence. Too bad Superboy-Prime wasn't around to punch the hell out of reality and make the whole ugly mess go away.
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