Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Remastered Ultimate Computer

The second-most anticipated episode on Star Trek Remastered's schedule aired this weekend. And what a pleasure it was! I thought The Doomsday Machine was going to be hard to top, but The Ultimate Computer might just take the prize!

At the beginning of the show, we get to see another Starfleet space station, another freighter (which takes it's design from the animated series) as well as the task force of four Starships. I can't wait for Season 2 to be released on DVD because it'll be great to see the entire 49 minute episode, rather than the cut up 42 minute version they show on TV.

That said, what I saw was very cool! The beginning with the Enterprise approaching the station was well done.

The four other starships were awesome to see,

as were the war games special effects in the show!

Like I said earlier, I'm really looking forward to seeing the uncut version of the show! Compare this shot from 40 years ago featuring the Lexington, Potemkin, and Hood bearing down on the dead in space Enterprise:

with this one from Remastered:

I think they're doing a great job!

And that freighter design from the animated show? Too cool!

I wonder if they'll redo the special effects for Star Trek The Next Generation when it turns 40? It's already been 22 years... do they still hold up?
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