Thursday, February 14, 2008

Star Trek Movie Delayed Until 2009

This year, Christmas for me was going to be extra special. Why? Because the new Star Trek movie was originally scheduled to come out on Christmas Day.

Now it's been pushed back to May 8th 2009, as Newsarama reports in this article. Am I disappointed? Of course. Will I still see the movie? Certainly! Wild horses or changing premier dates couldn't keep me away! It just means another agonizing five months to wait until my curiosity is satisfied.

Official word is that Paramount is thinking the movie is going to be a blockbuster and moved it to the summer to capitalize on that. I hope they're right. It sucks to have to wait five months more simply because the suits at Paramount think they can make more money.

But how cool would it be to have Star Trek be one of the blockbuster films of the summer??
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