Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Test Comics Review: Mystery in Space

First of all, I LOVE that DC has revived this series! It's an historic title that needs to be in print, just like Tales of the Unexpected, but that's another review.

I was blown away. Seriously. The book is just that good. Readers unfamiliar with Captain Comet will have no problem jumping on board – his origin and history are neatly packaged here.

The Captain's history is given a new telling with a few interesting twists, told by a talking dog. Yes, you read right, a talking dog. I know it sounds lame, but it really isn't. Get the issue and see for yourself.

So the reason the story is told from the dog's point-of-view? It's because our good Captain expires in the first three pages. But he gets better, obviously.

Rounding out the issue is a back-up tale featuring The Weird. The character last appeared in a Maxwell Lord JLA mini-series.

Credits for all the goodness in this issue largely falls on Jim Starlin. He pens each story and even though they take place in the same locale, it adds a new dimension to the stuff we see in the main story. Art is by Shane Davis, who I predict will become one of those hot talented artists. Davis' style works really well in this type of cosmic setting. Starlin created the character of The Weird over 15 years ago, it's only fitting he continue to tell tales with the character.

Heartily recommended!
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