Friday, October 05, 2007

What The !@$%

There's a disturbing story in the media right now concerning a youth who fatally shot a pregnant friend because he thought the baby was telepathically telling him it didn't want to be born. Shocking yes, but what's more shocking is that defense lawyers seem to be stressing the fact that years of crystal meth abuse have distorted this individual's thought processes. He was also abused as a youngster.

Whether or not he was on crystal meth for years makes no difference!!! He murdered a pregnant woman and her child, it doesn't matter why! It shouldn't even factor into the equation. Murder is not justifiable.

Let's say this as an example: What if I injured myself in a Quadding accident and survived, but had brain damage. If I then went out and knocked over a liquor store, would I be able to claim it was due to my injury?

I think not.
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