Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Evil Under the Sea!

I finally got to see the latest episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. It featured a cool intro with Batman and the Atom teaming up to take on Felix Faust (very cool).

Then, on to the main story, which sees Batman and Aquaman facing off against Black Manta and Ocean Master! Here's what stuck in my head afterward:

Aquaman's telepathic powers look and sound like an update on an old classic!
Mera makes a couple of cameo appearances!
Black Manta (look and sound)!
Aquaman really puts off a fun vibe!

Orm (Ocean Master) is a full Atlantean brother to Aquaman and has telepathic powers.
Aquaman's boastful attitude.

Throughout the show, Aquaman is heard boasting about his many adventures, like "Coral Reef Rescue!", and the like. It makes me want to check titles of old Aquaman stories to see if the writers took them from the comics! Some of them sounded to me like they could have been authentic titles! That would be a neat thing, if it were true! I'll have to jot down all the titles mentioned and then cross reference them to the story titles. Perhaps I can get it done this weekend...

Anyway, I enjoyed this show and look forward to future appearances from the Sea King! Maybe they'll tone the attitude down a bit...
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