Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Job For Aquaman

This news story saddens me. I feel for the children who might get upset, but in the end, the expert in whale rescues says this is 'natural morality' for this particular species of dolphin. That may be true, but it also means I would feel compelled to help the dolphins if I lived in that town. The fact that you can hear the dolphin's distress would be more than enough to convince me to help in some way.

During DC Comics' Final Night event the world was cooling down because our sun's energy was being consumed by a creature called (appropriately enough) a sun-eater. During this cooling, the earth's oceans to begin to freeze over. Aquaman had a series at the time and in the obligatory DC Comics Event® crossover, Aquaman realized he couldn't save every mammal in the oceans as he was racing to save the one dolphin that was like a mother to him. I won't spoil what happens, other than to say it's a great story.

Too bad it's only serialized fiction.
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