Sunday, March 01, 2009

Poll Results

The last poll asked which Chief Medical Officer was your favorite and the results are in!!It was a close race, but in the end The Emergency Medical Hologram takes the lead with 41 percent of the vote! I have to admit, The Doctor is one of my favorite characters from all the series. And following a close second with 35 percent of the vote, is Doctor Leonard McCoy. 'Bones' was my personal choice for favorite. DeForest Kelley is a hard act to follow!
Beverly Crusher, CMO for Captain Picard, brings in 11 percent of the vote! Beverly was another great character, but this is a tough category, so don't be too hard on her.

Doctor Bashir from Deep Space Nine and Doctor Phlox from the NX-01 Enterprise each got 5 percent of the vote. Again, these characters were really good... this is a really tough category.
And finally, getting no votes at all was Doctor Katherine Pulaski, the doctor that replaced Beverly Crusher in Season 2 of Star Trek TNG. No surprise really, she was written as a female version of Doctor McCoy with none of his charm or compassion. I was glad to see her character leave the ship.

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