Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Poll Results!

The last poll asked which Aquaman costume was your favorite! Thanks for participating and here are the results!

1. Coming in first place is the classic orange and green with 40 percent of the vote! Easily, Aquaman is the one hero you think of when you mention the color scheme orange and green. With or without black shorts, this is his most identifiable look.

2/3 (Tie). In second place with 20 percent of the vote is the costume I've dubbed the 'Retro-classic'. It debuted in the 15th issue of the latest series. I really liked this costume because the 'A' on his belt was also the 'A' in his logo at the time. The logo fit the costume perfectly and I consider both of them retro-classic.

2/3 (Tie). Also in second was my favorite costume, the blue camouflage, which debuted in Aquaman's first mini-series! This graceful outfit was beautifully illustrated by Craig Hamilton. This mini-series debuted in 1986 and Craig Hamilton still gets requests for commissions featuring it. I loved this costume and the mini-series equally. It's too bad the planned follow-up mini-series never got off the ground.

4. Second from the bottom with only eight percent of the vote is Aquaman's gladiator look. It debuted in the longest running Aquaman series yet with 75 issues (his first series lasted 63 issues). It was by writer Peter David, who decided to do some very drastic things to the character. Although I didn't like his new costume, harpoon hand, long hair or beard, I loved how he was being written and enjoyed the series until editorial interference drove Peter David off the book.

5. Last place with only four percent of the vote goes to newcomer, Arthur Joseph Curry, who was the lead in the Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis series. I liked the short sleeves on this costume, but not the bracelets, belt, shoulder pads, or sword. Swords underwater sounds stupid to me.

Thanks again for voting and look for the new Star Trek poll in the sidebar!
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