Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Aquaman Merchandise!

Today I took a trip to the nearest Toys R Us and found this:

A limited edition DC Universe/He-Man crossover! I'm not a He-Man fan at all, but this is the one version of Aquaman from the DC Universe classics line that I don't have. It's an exact replica of the one released in Wave 2 and it was the only Aquaman (out of the four they made) that I wanted and was missing. Amazingly, this was one time where there was lots of Aquaman to be found! There were at least ten Aquaman/Mer-man and only three Hawkman/Stratos. Weirdly enough, I already own the Hawkman figure. I picked it up at a pop culture convention for five bucks!

Happy Birthday to me!
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