Sunday, March 06, 2011

Young Justice Downtime

This week's episode featured Atlantis and the Aquaman family of characters! In fact, it was incredible how many they managed to get in:

Starting with Aquaman and Aqualad, the two characters we have already seen.

And you would expect to see Mera, Garth, and Tula, and weren't disappointed:

Black Manta sightings tend to run high as well:

Vulko and Orm (who isn't Ocean Master on Earth-16) are always welcome, if unexpected:

So the Earth-16 Ocean Master looks something like this:

And here are Lagoon Boy and Sheeva from the Erik Larsen run:

As well as Topo from the Kurt Busiek run:

That's ten characters, not counting Arthur Jr.! I think the show did a great job in showcasing Atlantis and was very impressed with what the creators did! Here's the immediate AquaFamily members (including the new Aqualad) once again:

And in case there was any doubt, Mera kicks ass on Earth-16 as well! Here she creates a hard water octopus for protection from Black Manta's manta men!

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