Tuesday, October 18, 2011

UGO Aquaman Interview!

UGO has a great interview with Geoff Johns and all he talks about is Aquaman! I especially liked this part:

Before he disappeared into the crowd of people at New York Comic Con, Johns briefly talked about scenes that we'll be seeing in upcoming issues, including a touching scene of Aquaman remembering his father on the ocean's shore. Aquaman's father was a lighthouse keeper, who fell in love with an Atlantean and Aquaman was the result of that forbidden relationship. Once separated, he on land, she in the sea, he promised to go to the same spot on the shore every day and wait for her. Aquaman recalls his father going to the beach every day to look for a "whale," he says, that just never comes. Touching stuff for a superhero everyone has slammed over the years.

I'm so glad Aquaman is finally getting his due! Reviews of the first issue have been largely favorable. In fact, I haven't read a bad review yet!

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