Saturday, November 26, 2011

Aquaman Sales Figures!

According to this article at The Beat, Aquaman issue 1 sold more than 100 000 copies!
09/2011: Aquaman #1 -- 80,302 [108,545]
10/2011: Aquaman #2 -- 79,156 (-1.4%)

First-month sales are holding level, while Aquaman #1 sold another 28,243 units in its second month — more than any other “New 52″ debut issue apart from Justice League #1. This seems to be one of the titles that retailers underestimated the most.
Underestimate Aquaman? People have been underestimating him for years! Phenominal! Even the second issue drop really isn't that bad. (Although, why would anyone want to drop such a good book??) I wonder if issue 2 will see reorders like issue 1? I guess we'll find out in a month. In the meantime, it looks like Aquaman will be around for a while! In the Top 20! Whoooo-hoooo!
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