Sunday, March 04, 2012

Aquaman Outsells Everything at Marvel!

This is about a month late, but Aquaman is officially a top ten book! According to this chart at ICv2 for January 2012, Aquaman is sitting at number 10! I'm fairly certain Aquaman has never had a top ten book before, so this is a reason to celebrate! As you can see by a sampling of the chart below, Aquaman is currently selling better than everything rival Marvel Comics puts out! As a long-time DC fan who's had to put up with all sorts of abuse from Marvel and their fans, I love it!!!

Only hundreds of copies away from Batman and Robin and within ten thousand of Superman and the Flash! I think it's one of the few titles going up as retailers underestimated what they could sell and are reordering it like crazy! Even my own Comic Shop guy says he's turned lots of people on to the book just by mentioning it to non-readers and more often than not, they're sticking with it! That's crazy good! It's certainly a great time to be an AquaFan!
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