Saturday, September 29, 2012

Trek Tattoos

I realized I never took pictures of my tattoos after they healed.

Here's my right arm and the reason I got the tattoos in the first place. After failing to find a nice Medic-Alert bracelet to wear, I thought a tattoo would be just the thing! I decided to use the Star Trek Medical symbol used in all the movies and all the 24th century series. Emergency personnel always check for bracelets, so they should see my tattoo if I'm unconscious or out of it.

I figured I needed to balance it with a tattoo for the left forearm. This one uses the the Communicator badge from all the 24th century series. So, it could represent any of those series or crews. The delta is also a perfect replica of the Original Series insignia, so it also represents them! The only series it couldn't represent would be Enterprise, but five out of six isn't bad!

I really like them and any time a nurse or doctor sees them, they always remark about what a great idea that is!
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