Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Weird Happening...

Anyone who knows me knows I like Star Trek. I don't need to explain that to anyone.

Some people know I collect comics. Others know my favorite super-hero is Aquaman. My last posted wallpaper was one actually featuring the 'blue suit' version of Aquaman. He debuted in a mini-series in 1986 with art by Craig Hamilton. There was a second mini-series planned, but it never hit the stands.

When DC Comics put out Star Trek comics, I bought those too. For a number of years, the covers of Star Trek and Star Trek The Next Generation comics were true works of art created by Jerome K. Moore. He's able to capture the likenesses of the actors absolutely perfectly! He only did covers, because he could never do 22 pages a month, his work is too detailed. Nevertheless, his covers were always spectacular!

So tonight as I'm surfing the net, I stumble upon this site for professional artists called deviantART. Wouldn't you know that Jerome K. Moore has a gallery there. While perusung it I came across a page of Aquaman art. After reading the info below the art, I learned Jerome K. Moore had actually been working on the second Aquaman mini-series, but due to his editor asking him to mimic Craig Hamilton's art style, he got bogged down and the project was eventually canceled. Too bad.

The pages I saw were fantastic! I wonder what the series would have been like...
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