Monday, March 19, 2007

First Thoughts...

Ok, the new comic previews are out and it looks like the Arthur Joseph Curry is getting a re-tooling. Please, please, please!!! It didn't work with 40 issues ago, what makes them think it's going to work out now?

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The book is just reaching 50 issues and Aquaman has been rebooted within his own series three - now four times! First was the debacle that began the current run of the book, Wil Pfeifer and his 'Aquaman is a King, King Arthur is a King - it's the Atlantean version of the Round Table' take on the character. Which was followed by the Sub Diego storyline. This was a return to the green and orange, but updated for the new millenium. A cool logo and insignia completed the look. It introduced a new Aquagirl and I was digging the new change. Then came the Sword of Atlantis phase (even the Sword of Atlantis part of the title bothers me), which is NOT Aquaman!!! And the horrible art. I've never cared for Butch Guice's artwork and I don't think he gained many fans while he was on the book. It looks muddy and unfinished and if I have trouble telling the difference between King Shark and AJC Aquaman, well, do I need to say anything further?? Aquaman is not Conan under the sea, no matter how many times people try to tell (or sell) us that. Arthur Joseph Curry will probably be revealed as a long-lost-2nd-cousin-on-his-father's-side relative of the REAL Aquaman. And now he's getting another revamp. Just bring back the REAL Aquaman and forget the rest.

I, for one, was hoping for a return of the pre-Infinite Crisis Atlantis of the DC Universe. (Try saying that 10 times fast). Call me weird, but I like the domed city of Atlantis, her sister city Tritonis, and all the water-breathers and surrounding areas... Shayeris, Thiera Na Oge, and more. Use Tempest (find a way to ditch Dolphin and the kid), Mera, and Vulko and start telling good underwater stories again!

I know I'm asking a lot, but even this loyal fan is considering not purchasing Aquaman comics until the original Arthur Curry is back.

Seriously DC. I have the 13 inch DC Direct Aquaman, Waterglobe, every other Action Figure (except for the harpoon version you got with the JLA set released last year) produced. I buy everything Aquaman. But I may not buy the comic in the near future.

It worries me, too.
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