Monday, July 07, 2008

Poll Results

The last poll asked which starship was your favorite and here are the results:

In first place with 66 percent of the vote, USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E. I expected this to be the top pick, not only because it's the most advanced ship, but also the coolest, IMO.
The ship first appeared in Star Trek: First Contact and when the laserdisc version of the movie was released, I watched the opening flyby of the Enterprise over and over because it was so nice to watch.

Next is a tie for second place! Both the original Enterprise and USS Voyager each got 16 percent of the vote!
The original set the standard and it still holds up well. I hope the new movie doesn't deviate too much from the original design.
USS Voyager is my second choice as well. It's a smart, quick ship and has moving warp nacelles! How could that not be cool? It's also enhanced with bio-neural circuitry.

The remainder of the ships didn't get any votes.
The NX Enterprise commanded by Captain Archer was a nice looking ship, but perhaps a bit too nice when compared to the original series. I thought it made The original Enterprise look a little lame. But that's the problem with a prequel series...
The Movie or Refit Enterprise was a nice evolution of the original's design... I had a lump in my throat when it was destroyed in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.
The Next Generation Enterprise was a departure from Federation Starship design, and it still looks weird to me when compared with other ships in the fleet.
The Defiant as seen in Deep Space Nine was also a design change, but the reason for the change made sense. It was designed as a warship to resist the Borg. Of the two designs, I have to say I prefer the Defiant more.

Thanks for voting and look for a new poll soon!
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