Saturday, January 31, 2009

Enterprise Sets

Courtesy of Playmates toys, we get a better look at the new Bridge and Transporter Room!

First up, the Bridge!It looks great! And you can see the stand up stations (I think one will be Communications). I'm thinking the plexiglass shields behind the stand-up stations might just be that,shields to protect the crew in case of explosions. There's no sign of Spock's special Science Station Scanner though... They're probably saving that reveal for the movie!

And the Transporter Room!It looks like there will be three slider bars on the actual transporter console, so that's great! I hope the Transporter has six stations. It's quite possible they haven't included all the stations because it's a toy. The Next Generation Transporter room playset only had 2 stations, so it's quite possible.

Nothing I've seen so far looks 'wrong', if that makes any sense.
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