Thursday, January 01, 2009

Poll Results!

The last poll asked which Teen Titan was your favorite, and the results are in! Racing to the front of the pack (forgive the pun) with 29% of the vote is Kid Flash! I always thought Kid Flash's powers are pretty awesome, but he also had one of the coolest costumes ever!
Next came Robin, with 17% of the vote! I figured Robin would do this well. Every incarnation of the Teen Titans, except for one, has always had a Robin. Whether it's Dick Grayson or Tim Drake, Robin is the King of the sidekicks, and deserves to place as well as he did.
Wonder Girl finished with 11% of the vote, and once again, I think deservedly so, as the character of Wonder Girl was created for this series. Wonder Girl had appeared in Wonder Woman, but these were in flashback tales and were always about Wonder Woman herself as a girl. Donna Troy Wonder Girl exists only because of the Teen Titans. Her origin was first explained in issue 22 (and has been expanded upon ever since).Aqualad swam away with 11% of the vote! Aqualad has always had an off-and-on again relationship with the Teen Titans, but he's a founding member, along with Robin and Kid Flash. Being a founding member of the Teen Titans doesn't have any perks, unlike being a founding member of the Justice League, like Aquaman is. I have a hunch the second Aquagirl, Loreena (introduced in the last Aquaman series) will be joining the current Teen Titans team in a few months. I hope it's the beginning of a long association.
And Beast Boy (also known as Changeling) also squirrelled away 11% of the vote! Gar was a popular part of the New Teen Titans, as well as a part of the animated show, so I can see why he'd place where he did. Gar Logan was also an actor in Space Trek 2099, a show that seems very familiar to Trekkies everywhere.
Tied for next popular with 5% of the vote is Starfire, who since her first appearance, has proven to be a very popular character. And the fact that she's built like a porn star has nothing to do with it! At all. Whatsoever. What's that saying about fanboys and basements?Speedy, the Emerald Archer's ward, also got 5% of the vote. I liked Speedy as a character, but at the same time I didn't like him because it always seemed like Speedy got more appearances in the Titans books than Aqualad ever did, which drove me crazy, being an Aqualad fan. Who's a member of the Justice League now? Red Arrow (formerly Speedy). And where's Tempest (formerly Aqualad)? See what I mean?
Raven also got 5% of the vote. Together with Starfire and Cyborg, they all appeared in the New Teen Titans, making them relative newcomers to the Titans mythos. I always liked Raven's costume and since it's been varied only slightly over the years, it must say something about the design of the original that the character looks basically the same after almost 30 years.
And finally, the character who didn't even get one vote, was surprisingly enough, Cyborg. Cyborg was one of the most popular characters to come from the Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans... He even got into the Super Friends Galactic Guardians animated show because of that popularity! Every team needs to have it's techno-whiz and Cyborg plays that part perfectly.

Thanks for voting and be sure to check out the new Star Trek themed poll in the sidebar!
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