Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sidekicks Assemble!

This week's episode of Batman Brave and the Bold was a special treat as we got to see the Teen Titans! The teaser of the show started out with a flashback to the satellite era of the Justice League! Here we see the adult heroes discussing how to stop the latest menace, while Aqualad, Robin, and Speedy are left to their own devices. Unfortunately, it also means Robin and Aqualad get into a fight that Batman breaks up. Aqualad's costume is perfect! Batman tells the kids they need to learn to work together and programs the practice room to assault the kids with a small army of super-villains.
Flash forward to the present day, and we see Aqualad, Robin, and Speedy have all grown quite a bit, in addition to joining forces to take out some of Ra's al Ghul's henchmen.
The rest of the episode deals with the Mentors and Sidekicks working together to take down the enemy. We get to see a great high dive from Aqualad, and the transformation of a hero.It was a great show!
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