Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brightest Day is Bright Indeed!

I didn't want to hope for fear for those hopes being dashed like all the other times, but I'm glad I can say Aquaman Is Back! Ok, not quite yet, but in May Brightest Day 02 comes out and this is the cover:
He's back baby! And relatively intact: 2 hands, same costume with possibly a slight tweak to his belt emblem, or it could be due artistic differences (it looks very close to the emblem used in Aquaman v6 issues 15 - 39), and a definite change to his gloves. Rather than having a fin on the gloves, one side of the glove tapers off into two fin-like extensions. I can live with that. In the announcement post at The Source, Geoff Johns had this to say:
“Brightest Day’ is about second chances. I think it’s been obvious from day one that there are major plans for the heroes and villains from Aquaman to take center stage in the DC Universe, among many others, post-Blackest Night. ‘Brightest Day’ is not a banner or a vague catch-all direction for the DC Universe, it is a story. Nor is ‘Brightest Day’ a sign that the DC Universe is going to be all about ‘light and brighty’ superheroes. Some second chances work out…some don’t.”
It's about time DC!
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