Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Aquaman Merchandise!

What a great week to stop at the comic store! Not only were Blackest Night 7 and Flash Rebirth 6 in, but also these great Aquaman action figures! First up is Aquaman from Blackest Night and it's great! Black and gold replace green and gold in this awesome design! This figure is also the first to feature the type of gloves Aquaman will probably be wearing when he comes back (also seen on the cover of the Brightest Day 2). On that cover, we see Aquaman without the usual fins on his gloves, but rather one side of each glove flares out to form what looks like two smaller fins. A minor change.And then there's this cool Ed McGuiness designed Aquaman! This is the second in the JLA Classified series. This features Aquaman as he appeared in his fifth series issues 50 to 75. The green tights, long hair, and gladiator look replaced the familiar green and gold in issue 5 of this series. I liked the updated green tights, even though I wasn't a fan of the harpoon hand or the shell headband. Erik Larsen added the shell headband to the costume when he took over writing the book in issue 50. The one thing I don't like about the figure is that the belt insignia is wrong... it's not supposed to be a captial 'A', but rather an 'A' without the cross bar. Other than that, it's a good thing!Here's the first JLA Classified action figure, just because it's cool to see the same artist have two versions of a character. It featured Aquaman as he appeared in his sixth series issues 15 to 39. One of the best costume updates he's ever had... I really liked the gold trim around the neck and wrists of this costume! Some artists gave him a high collar like he had in the blue camoflage version and that was really nice with the gold trim! I didn't mind the water hand, although I know some people hated it! Once again the belt insignia is weird on this figure as well, but the updated insignia seems hard for artists to get right.And for comparison, here's Aquaman's first belt insignia, and his second.It's amazing the amount of figures Aquaman has had... It'll be stunning to see my Aquaman shrine when I finally have room to display these figures out of their packaging!
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