Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Justice League Crisis on Two Earths

Today was the release date for the latest direct-to-DVD animated movie from DC Entertainment, Justice League Crisis on Two Earths! I already knew from clips that this was going to feature the big six of the Justice League, without Aquaman. That doesn't mean he's absent completely though... He's called up by Batman to help defend the Justice League satellite, along with Black Lightning, Black Canary, Firestorm, and Red Tornado.He gets a few choice moments in the battle with the Superwoman and her Super family - Captain Super and Uncle Super - here he's leaping onto Captain Super.Batman tells Aquaman to watch himself as they are much stronger than he is. To which Arthur replies: "That remains to be seen!" Red Tornado catches Captain Super in a cyclone and launches him toward Aquaman, who punches him through the ceiling into the hangar deck and through a plane along the way.Aquaman gives as good as he gets and it's clear the writers knew the what the character brings to the fight. Here's Aquaman versus Uncle Super:In the end, it's a great movie that never slows down. And it's also a treat to see other familiar faces of the DC Universe!I didn't care for the stunt casting for the voice work, but at least Andrea Romano was the voice director. She does outstanding work and always gets the best out of her performers. I kept comparing this release to the last direct-to-DVD animated movie, Super Batman Public Enemies, and the difference in the voice cast is noticeable. When Andrea has the opportunity to put together a voice cast, it's awesome!
That said, It's a very good movie and well worth the price of admission!
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