Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The New 52 Logos!

Have a look!

I have a reputation as kind of a logo nut on the DC wallpaper thread and I wondered what others were thinking about the logos. For the most part, they were ok, but I was expecting more for the relaunch.

Here are my thoughts (in the order presented):

Action Comics - Minor update to a classic! Well done!
All Star Western - Classic with a modern sheen. Good for 2-D!
Animal Man - Reminiscent of the old logo, but I don't get what all the points on the font are... Are they supposed to be talons or claws? Not good.
Aquaman - Nice use of the belt symbol, the font seems to have depth and a hard outline. Perhaps because this book has been in the pipeline longer, that's why the logo seems more like ones on books now. Good.
Batgirl - Bat symbol and a font with some interesting curves. Good.
Batman - Weird font trying to mimic the scallops of an imaginary bat symbol? And what's with the odd letter sizes? Not good.
Blue Beetle - Interesting font and designs that remind me of technology. Good.
Blackhawks - Here's where a bit of detail can make a 2-D font pop! Love the symbol in the middle! Well done!
Batman and Robin - No change.
Batman The Dark Knight - No change.
Batwing - Another bat symbol paired with a decent font. Good.
Batwoman - This is the old font, but why does every other Bat-titled book have a bat symbol and this one doesn't? No change.
Catwoman - Another interesting font that fits the character. Good.
Captain Atom - I like the font, it's very modern! Worried all the Photoshop effects are going to get lost on a cover. Good.
Birds of Prey - Uninteresting font with weird tails trying to mimic the look of the last font. And what are all the lines in the letters for? Not good.
DC Universe Presents - No change.
Deathstroke - A 2-D font with what look like pointed weapons running through the white space. Not good.
Detective Comics - Bat symbol, a font reminiscent of an older Detective logo with some texture, coloring, and depth as well as including Batman? Well done!
Demon Knights - Demonic type font with only a drop shadow for depth. Not good.
Flash - The font is bland and the forward leaning letters getting smaller doesn't say 'fast' to me. Not good.
Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. - Another 2-D font, but the blockiness works here, as do the two colors. Good.
Fury of Firestorm the Nuclear Men - Both fonts are interesting and the symbol adds a little depth. Good.
Green Lantern - No change.
Green Lantern Corps - No change.
Green Lantern New Guardians - Old Green Lantern font paired with a font that's been used on DC covers for a long time. Not good.
Green Arrow - Boring font, half-hearted attempt at a symbol. Not good.
Grifter - Good, heavy font with a nice gradient and bullet holes. Well done.
Hawk and Dove - Another boring font with some bird-like flourishes. Not good.
Savage Hawkman - I like the use of the symbol, the font is savage with all the points, and a drop shadow for a bit of depth. Good.
I, Vampire - Weird, twisted rope font that has also been used many times before. Not good.
Justice League - The plainest font possible with a perspective that tilts the whole thing toward the reader. I can see the word 'League' being unreadable as it's so thin and there's no background to make reading it easier. And no shield motif? Not good.
Justice League Dark - All the above but paired with another font that looks like the I, Vampire one. Not good.
Justice League International - Same perspective as Justice League along with some very tall thin letters that make it hard to recognize the map in the letters. Not good.
Legion Lost - Does 'Lost' need to be that big? Not good.
Legion of Super-Heroes - I like the futuristic font and how 'of' fits nicely in the tail of the L. Even though it's a 2-D font (and one we've seen before), it suits the book. Good.
Men of War - Plain, like the original, but is it going to stand out against the cover art? Not good.
Mister Terrific - Kudos for spelling out Mister and using his face in the logo. Good.
Nightwing - Bat symbol, good font. Well done.
O.M.A.C. - Heavy, thick, and easy to read with a suggestion of technology. Good.
Red Lanterns - Pointy edges to the Green Lantern font with a symbol. Well done.
Red Hood and the Outlaws - Plain 2-D font with a bit of color and a bat symbol for a team with one member related to the Bat. Not good.
Resurrection Man - Nice update to the original, this time showing a hand reaching up rather than his outline. Good.
Suicide Squad - Another 2-D font but this one adds symbols and color! Well done!
Superboy - No change.
Superman - No change.
Supergirl - No change.

This applies to all the 'Super' titles... they really look like they don't belong with the others anymore.

Swamp Thing - No change.
Static Shock - Cool font, nice design, neat colors and effects. Well done!
Stormwatch - Plain font but the symbol helps a lot. Good.
Teen Titans - Another plain font with a tiny bit of design in the crossbar of the A. Not good.
Voodoo - The O's set the pace here, and it's a nice, heavy font. Good.
Wonder Woman - Plain letters without a hard edge and some wings resembling her symbol. Not good.

Your thoughts?

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