Friday, August 19, 2011

New Aquaman Logo!

I've been wondering when this was going to show up! I got it from the cover of an upcoming Previews!


And here it is enlarged to show detail.


The logo is following the trend of the other 'New 52' logos seen so far... a 2-D font arranged in stylized manner and, in the case of Aquaman, Hawkman, Batman, and Firestorm, a symbol. I like that they used Aquaman's belt symbol behind the logo, but it looks like the same symbol used on the Brightest Day variant cover, which isn't quite right.


As you can see, the symbol behind Aquaman on that cover isn't quite the same as the belt that Ivan Reis drew on that very same cover! Jim Lee has been having a hard time with it on the Justice League covers I've seen so far. It seems no one can draw the updated symbol like Ivan can! So I took it upon myself to replicate the new logo using a more correct (IMO) symbol and this was the result!


Pretty good, if I do say so so myself!

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