Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Anniversary?

I hadn't seen the official 40th Anniversary logo until now, but to tell the truth, it's been such a low-key anniversary, I thought there wasn't a logo made for it. Well, there actually is, and of course, it features the original series Enterprise.

I recall a Star Trek phone being announced by Sona Mobile for release in October 2005. It was to be a replica of the Original Series communicators with all sorts of cool Star Trek network type stuff... games, episode viewing, downloading eBooks, that kind of thing.

It's now November of 2006 and I'm pretty sure the phone was yanked. Repeated emails to the company have been ignored. I doubt I'll ever see that phone.

On another weird note, William Shatner is riding another career high... He's got an Emmy for Boston Legal, has his own gameshow, and who knows what he'll do next? He released an album not that long ago... I want to say 2 or 3 years, but can't recall. He reinvents himself more often than even Madonna!

Yes, 2006 was a very different kind of anniversary.

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