Thursday, November 23, 2006

I Like Thursdays

Thursdays, for me, are generally good days. There's only one day left until the weekend and it's also my Dart night. I play in a league and every Thursday evening we convene at the Lion's Head Pub for food, drinks, and darts. It's a friendly group. I only wish I wasn't the lowest ranked player in the league. My friends all say that's normal and my averages are generally better than most newbies. My average right now is 12.07 (and last week was my worst week ever)... I want to break 13.00 by the end of the season, in just under 6 weeks. I never really played darts before joining the league, but can't imagine not playing now.

I've never played a bar sport in a league before – until then I had been a casual player of pool over beer. I was a pretty average player... I could never make bank shots though. I joined this league primarily as a way of getting out at least once a week for some fun. Kind of like looking forward to your favorite television show each week. Except that this involves alcohol and people throwing very sharp objects. I suppose every bar sport has an certain level of danger... in pool you could take an eye out with a cue, when playing barstool trivia games, you could actually fall off the barstool, and in Kareoke you could find yourself humiliated by singing a song you know should have stayed at home with you in the shower. I've seen darts hit the wire and bounce right back just as fast as they left, but I have yet to see a serious injury (knock wood).

I figure I never got into a bar sport league before because when I was younger my alcohol tolerance level was much higher, so I had to spend more time drinking. Now that I'm older and my alcohol tolerance is lower, I need to slow the flow of alcohol into my body. Ah well, at least I'm a cheaper date now.

I should get going to bed...

Good night!
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