Friday, June 08, 2007

Enough Already!

I am not a fan of Paris Hilton. I often think her parents had little influence in her upbringing and Paris Hilton's personality is what happens when you let the house staff raise your kids.

If I was her parent, I would be supporting the judge wanting to throw her boney ass in jail. I'd make her take responsibility and grow up a bit. Do your time... 45 days and you're free you little crybaby. Most people live with far less than this spoiled, self-centered little C*NT. (Yes, it's that word. She's earned it.)

She didn't even have a cellmate, so what the hell is so wrong with her that she couldn't take 45 days with herself? Might it be the realization that she has absolutely nothing of substance or value to offer the world?

The only reason this is news is because the skank comes from a rich and powerful family. A family who thinks her behaviour is acceptable. A family who believe they are above the law and perhaps above reproach. Just goes to show money doesn't buy common sense or basic intelligence.

The drama surrounding this whole non-story is almost unbelievable... but then I recall the O.J. chase and realize it's just the latest in the strange world of celebrity.
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