Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Showing Support

Here's an interesting article from today's Journal. More after the jump.

Of course those with loved ones in the military would be uplifted upon seeing these decals. I live very close to the base here in Edmonton, and I see those magnetic ribbons all the time. But for people to mandate they be on municipal vehicles? Ludicrous.

I have nothing against our troops and know they have a hard job to do, but statements of this nature are best left to the public. Buy a ribbon and place it on your vehicle, tie a yellow ribbon around a tree in your yard, but don't expect municipalities to endorse your way of thought. Besides that, our cities employ Fire and Police Department members who put their lives on the line also. Shouldn't municipalities create ribbons in support of members of their own departments?

I'm all for showing support, but I believe municipalities should support those things they have control over. Not something like a military campaign, which is a Federal issue to begin with.

Besides, aren't things like reduced prices at certain businesses part of how we support our troops? Does an enlisted person's mother really need to see her local Fire Engine decked out with a support ribbon? Does it make that much difference whether she sees the ribbon on a private vehicle vs. a public one?

Ask one. I bet there's no difference.
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