Tuesday, July 03, 2007

From My Vista...

My new computer came pre-loaded with Windows Vista. Overall, I like the new interface, Windows Aero style, and the Sidebar. Unfortunately, in the switch to the new operating system, I lost use of some wonderful applications.

My Astronomy program, Starry Night, doesn't run on Windows Vista. They are working on releasing a version for Windows Vista, but there is no ETA. My phone comes with software that allows you to download songs, sounds, pictures and video, but the installer is not compatible with Windows Vista.

It's been five months since Vista was released and developers have had the code for longer than that, and still there are compatibility issues? I know no one is in a rush to jump to Vista - I know I wasn't, and this was one of my reasons.

I'm fairly confident that it won't be another five months before I'll be able to use those programs. Fairly.
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