Monday, July 02, 2007

I Went Out For Shoes...

and ended up getting a new cellular. (I got the shoes too)

I never jumped on the cell phone bandwagon. I never even had one until December of 2000. Up to then, I really didn't have use for one. My first phone was a digital Motorola Startac that I got free with a three year contract. I could surf the web, but never did. I never had Call Display or Voicemail. I never had long conversations on my cell, I used the phone to call from the store to make sure I had everything, to call home to see if I needed to stop anywhere before coming home... you know, those sorts of situations. And it lasted all these years. Well, it was making a weird buzzing noise that would always disappear when the person you were calling answered, but other than that, it was a good phone.

My new phone is a Sony Ericsson W300i. It's a camera phone with 512 mB for video, photos, or music. It's a Walkman including radio, which is going to be great for riding the rails of the LRT. It's got this hands-free earbud/microphone cord that allows you to voice activate the phone and dial certain numbers. I remember when I worked at Telus, the Repair Department had the opportunity to trial a version of voice-activated calling features. As far as I knew, the technology was never released to the public. And I got mine included in a phone for fifty dollars and a two year contract, with an option to upgrade after a year.

Astounding, the difference a few years makes! The included software allows you to import music for ring tones and phone sounds, as well as graphics and other cool stuff to customize your phone.

Any guesses on what theme I'll be choosing?
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