Saturday, April 05, 2008

A Beginning and an Ending

Today I watched a series finale for one TV show and a season premier for another. Both were excellent, and left me wanting more, which is not necessarily a good thing.

Last night, Battlestar Galactica Season 4 started. I like the new text in the opening credits, and had forgotten how much I liked this show. Season 3 ended with the four newly revealed Cylon models dealing with their real origins and also a back-from-the-dead Starbuck appears in a pristine Viper, saying she's been to Earth.

There was a lot of good character stuff going on for everyone, Colonel Tigh got one of the best gotcha! moments of the show. Anders and his tete-a-tete with the Cylon Raider was the other one.

I'm not sure how Starbuck came back or even how she got to Earth, but I think a certain Light Ship might be responsible. In the original show, the Ship of Light made everything everything look white and seem brand new. Certainly, Starbuck's ship looks brand spanking new! I think it's a clue, Scoob.

So the questions I'm left with now? The obvious, who is the final Cylon? What's going on with Starbuck? When are they getting to Earth? What will they find there? What's going to happen with the four new Cylon Models?

And the series finale for the Legion of Super-Heroes was today. It was the end of a two part episode that saw the entire team and the Substitute Legion get in on the action. I didn't guess the ending at all, but it made the connection to the Legion of Super-Heroes in the comics seem much more real.

I was expecting the time-travelling Kryptonian, Kel-el to take the hero name of Mon-el, providing an interesting twist for the animated version of the character, but it didn't happen. We got to see the return of Triplicate Girl's third self, which would have been interesting to follow up on had there been a third season. Also, would Wildfire and Dawnstar have joined the team had there been another season? That would have been so cool! Would we have seen the return of Ferro Lad in the third season (as hinted at in the season finale for the first season)?

It was such a well done show. The voice cast really get into the show. Wil Wheaton has posted about it on his blog... and he's a comic geek too! Way cool! I loved it when less frequently seen Legionnaires like Sun Boy, Blok, Element Lad, Tyroc, and Colossal Boy charged into the thick of the action! The first season of this show reminds me of the Adventure era Legion, while this last season reminds me the Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes time frame. Would the Giffen/Levitz era have been the next direction the third season would have taken had the show continued? Interesting to note that in the first season the animated team's Headquarters looks like the Adventure era one. In this show, we see the orange building of the Superboy and the Legion era's HQ. It's really too bad we didn't get another season... it would have been very, very cool to see the Giffen/Levitz era in animated form.

Bravo to all the creators and talent associated with both shows! I've been thoroughly entertained, thank you!
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