Friday, April 18, 2008

New York Comic Con Aqua-News!

Courtesy of Newsarama:

Any plans for Arthur Curry Aquaman? "Who is that?" joked DiDio.

DiDio then asked the crowd to describe Arthur Curry - "blonde hair," "orange shirt" and "two hands" led the list of descriptors. Some said "one hand," which led to DiDio explaining the harpoon-handed, long-haired Orin Aquaman is often confused with Arthur Curry, and made sure that wasn't the Aquaman the fan wanted. The fan clarified he wanted the orange shirt, green pants, "Superfriends"-esque one, and DiDio said he'd keep that in mind.

A former "devout Marvel fan" that said "DC is now my favorite" said that the solution to the "Aquaman problem" was to get Geoff Johns to write the character.

I've been saying that for months now! I'm glad Dan DiDio (Executive Editor, DC Comics) is hearing it directly from the fans! Thanks, anonymous Aquaman fans!
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