Thursday, April 10, 2008

Legion Questions Answered & Aqua-News!

Courtesy of Newsarama.

According to this interview, a third season of the Legion of Super-Heroes would have seen the introduction of Dawnstar and Wildfire! Tucker goes on to verify my suspicions that the inspiration for Kel-el came from wanting to add Mon-el to the Legion. After reading the interview, I can only reiterate how much of a shame it is that we didn't get a third season...

James Tucker is also the producer behind the new animated Batman team-up show titled Brave and the Bold. Speaking about the teaser image released with the press release picturing Batman, Green Arrow, and the new Blue Beetle, Tucker said: “They are some of the guest heroes but there are tons more. It’s not just them,” said Tucker, who when pushed, added “We love Aquaman.”

Cross your fingers! I really hope it happens!
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