Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ethan van Sciver and Aquaman

Courtesy of CBR:
Could their next project be “Aquaman: Rebirth” in 2010? Didio confirmed Friday night at Fan Expo during the DC Nation panel that the Sea King would return in “Blackest Night.” “Anything’s possible. They’d have to renew my contract,” laughed Van Sciver. “He’s got a big part in ‘Blackest Night.’ But he doesn’t look as well as he used to look. Let’s put it that way.”

Van Sciver continued, “Like Plastic Man, Aquaman is an ongoing source of frustration in a way because everybody wants to work on him. I have some ideas for him. But I think DC is unsure how to proceed. Like Barry Allen. I would bring him up and they would say, ‘Uh, uh. Now is not the time’ or ‘No, it’s never going to happen.’ And I am hearing that with an ongoing Aquaman series, as well. So until they come to me and say, ‘Now it’s time,’ I am not even going to ask or bring it up. It seemed to work with Barry Allen. Finally, they came to us.”
I don't know how long we're going to have to wait for a new Aquaman series, but c'mon already DC! Let's get going on this! I think we've waited long enough!
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